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Castle of Thoiry in Yvelines

Opened to the public in 1965, the Château de Thoiry is a 150-hectare castle, zoo, and botanical garden in the French commune of Thoiry. It also has gardens
and a zoological park.

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You have to check out these beautiful places in France with a strong historical presence.

Artillery Towers

One of the four basic tower types in Kingdom Rush is the artillery, which showcases the dwarven race of Linirea's technical might. They fire large-caliber projectiles toward the adversary, inflicting splash damage on everyone inside the explosion zone.

Printemps Haussmann

Printemps is the premier department store for fashion, luxury, and beauty located in the heart of Paris. Printemps is without a question the go-to marketplace for affluent shoppers with more than 44,000 square meters devoted to browsing, custom services for personal shoppers, hands-free shopping, private lounges, and its eateries.

Towers of Notre-Dame

One of the world's earliest gothic churches, Notre Dame de Paris was constructed on the Île de la Cité between 1163 and 1245. The cathedral's name, which translates to "Our Lady" in English, honors the Blessed Virgin.

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Best Places to Visit in France for a Winter Holiday

France has rightfully earned its place as a Winter Heaven, with plenty of places to spend your Christmas season joyfully. From French Alps to Paris, France is one of the best regions in the world to engage in chilly activities. Winter holidays in France are an enchanting spectacle of snow, sports and festivity for the visitors. During the winter, you can expect a temperature between 0°C to 7°C; therefore, bundling up is a good idea. The temperature can vary according to the region – northern France is a bit colder than the rest. However, you can also enjoy a little bit of sunlight during your winter holiday in France at Cote d’Azur along the Mediterranean coastline. Here are some of the best places to visit France to enjoy a winter holiday:



For those who visit France, the city of love is an obvious no-brainer. Paris is magical any time of the year, even more so in winter. The glimpse of the Eiffel Tower and Seine is especially beautiful, with snow-laden trees. Getting closer to Christmas, Paris glittering with festive lights and pine trees is a sight to be seen. You might also visit the Norte Dame Cathedral, join the activities at the Champs Elysee’s ice rink, or enjoy a brisk walk towards the Galeries Lafayette to see the famous Christmas Tree sitting pretty covered in ornaments.


Nice is popular as a summer destination; however, it has its appeal in the winter as well. Every February, the city hosts one of the most famous celebrations, the Nice Carnival, which can extend up to two weeks. It might be fun to participate in the Flower Parade. Some of the other places to visit in Nice during winter are Promenade des Anglais, Place Massena and Parc de la Colline du Chateau. Nice is best explored on foot, which will help you appreciate the narrow streets with tall buildings decorated with festive lights even more.

The French Alps:

The French Alps is unarguably one of the best destinations in France to visit during Winter. The French Alps is a majestic sight to be seen during the Winter. The temperatures in the area can almost always go below 0°C. It is the perfect place to enjoy winter sports such as skiing, ice climbing, sledging and snowboarding. However, if you don’t want to participate in such adventure activities, you can book tickets for the Snow Polo event held at Maglev once every year.

The French Alps


Despite its small size, Menton is one of the popular destinations in France during Winter. The place is on the border with Italy and is usually warmer than the rest of France. It is one of those places where you can get the best of both worlds, in this case, France and Italy. Menton is quite popular for its winter festival, Fete du Citron or Lemon Festival, which takes place every February. The festivities can extend up to two weeks, with the place decorated with statues, floats and figurines made of citrus fruits. Some of the other destinations in Menton to visit are Jardin Botanique Val Rahmeh, Basilica Saint Michel Archange and Serre de la Madone.

Vacation Rentals

Must Know Tips for Vacation Rentals in France

You start to question why you didn’t just reserve a hotel as your France rental home starts to cause you concern. Leasing a home or apartment is a great choice if you want to explore France authentically. It frequently costs less than a hotel. However, if you’ve already taken a quick journey and leased a rental apartment in France, you may well have been startled by several aspects that weren’t like holiday rentals at your hometown.

vacation apartments

France vacation apartments

You can discover many sorts of rentals around France at all different prices, based on whether you use a full-service short term rental company or reserve straight with the homeowner through a short-term rental website. Although some accommodations that accommodate to visitors from over the Atlantic would then give you a luxurious effect similar to a residence away from residence and take very good care of a number of the things mentioned, others would anticipate folks to be knowledgeable about how society operates in France.

You must provide your own blankets and linens.

Almost all of the holiday properties we’ve reserved straight with the proprietors asked us to supply our own linens. This was not a problem for us since we were traveling and had room to bring a suitcase of bedding, but it isn’t the most ideal situation for people flying in. For a small price, the majority of accommodations let guests utilize their sheets. Alternatively, you might pack some compact travel blankets like these. Once more, comprehensive hotel rooms won’t ask customers to bring their own bedding, but be careful when buying print so you’re informed of what is really provided.

It’s customary to clean the place before you depart.

You are typically instructed to tidy up when you depart in order to avoid incurring a service charge. To ensure the property is returned to its original condition, this entails ensuring all plates are washed and set aside, dumping the garbage cans, dusting, and performing other minor cleaning duties. It’s extremely typical to spend a housekeeping charge if you choose not to tidy the property before moving out. Some of us cheerfully pay the bill because we do not want to worry about washing while we’re away, but some of us enjoy cleaning and would rather keep the dollars in our pockets.

The majority of leases run from Saturday to Saturday.

In France, numerous holiday properties are exclusively leased by week and operate from Saturday to Saturday (particularly during the busy periods). Ensure to inquire about the renting restrictions before making a reservation if you plan to arrive on a weekday and may be required to remain in a hotel until your lease begins. Saturday through Saturday would typically be the pattern as during summer, but bear in mind that this is not a rigid guideline.

Instagram Worthy

Most Instagram-worthy Places in Paris

Most famously known as the City of Lights and the City of Love, Paris has a special aura that attracts millions of visitors annually. With all the famous landmarks that adorn the skyline of Paris, it is undoubtedly one of the most Instagrammable places in the World. The city is truly a charming culmination of vintage and modernity, and the city encourages the visitors to be carefree and happy. Here are some of the most scenic locations in Paris worthy of your Instagram page:

Eiffel Tower:

There is no Paris without Eiffel Tower. The Iron Lady has adorned the Parisian skyline since the late 1880s and since has been one of the most iconic landmarks of Paris and France. For a great Instagram-worthy picture, the Trocadero location is the best. It offers one of the best views of the Eiffel Tower as you can get some incredible straight shots in this location. The carousels at the base of the Trocadero location can act as foreground elements for a shot with good depth. Whether you capture the beauty of the Eiffel Tower from the top of the stairs or the main area or sit on a ledge in this location, they are all bound to turn out the best.

Sainte Chapelle:

Sainte Chapelle is one of the breathtaking locations to visit in Paris. The Chapel, built in just seven years, is one of the iconic structures in Gothic styles and houses precious relics, including Christ’s Crown of Thorns. The Chapel was built in the 14th century, its most spectacular attraction being the gigantic stained-glass panels that depict the stories of the Old and New Testaments. Over the centuries, the Saint Chapelle of Paris has undergone a lot of changes and renovations. The Chapel also has a history of being damaged in the 1630s fire. For the best Instagram-worthy pictures, reach early to avoid crowds and focus on the main Chapel with stunning Gothic interiors.

Sainte Chapelle

Louvre Museum:

Louvre Museum is a famous Instagrammable spot in Paris and for a good reason. This architectural beauty facilitates excellent photo opportunities both from the outside and inside. Besides its beauty, the Louvre Museum is also the largest in the World, with over three hundred thousand artifacts, some of them even dating back to 7000 B.C. Some of the most popular works housed in the Louvre Museum are Venus de Milo and Mona Lisa. The Louvre Museum is always crowded with visitors; therefore, to enjoy a great time without the visitors, go early before the museum opens or go late in the evenings.

Musee d’Orsay:

On the left bank of the beautiful Seine River is the Musee d’Orsay. Located close to the Louvre Museum, this museum is one of the World’s most extensive collections of impressionist art. The museum is housed in the former grand Beaux-Arts railway station building. One of the most iconic spots of the museum is the giant clock face that once served the railway passengers. Photography is prohibited inside the galleries; however, visitors are allowed to take pictures in front of the clock on the fifth floor. Some of the famous art pieces inside the gallery is Starry Night by Van Gogh, Déjeuner Sur l’Herbe by Edouard Manet.

Beautiful Places

Beautiful Places to Take Pictures at In France

From either the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the imposing fortresses of the Loire Valley and the romantic coastal vistas of the French Riviera, France provides photography with an unending supply of inspirations. Beautiful natural landscapes, like the French Alps, mirror the splendour of the nation’s magnificent churches and beautiful capitals, while little agricultural towns make for picturesque backdrops.

Eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower, the most recognizable popular destination in Paris, is so enormous that this is challenging to photograph. The use of distant photography is one remedy. The Jardins du Trocadéro, which are located throughout the Seine River, offer a stunning background with their expansive promenade and beautiful ponds. When viewed from this perspective at daybreak, the glowing brightly casts the Iron Lady against a beautiful backdrop.

Eiffel tower

Walking around the Eiffel Tower will allow artists to capture it from various perspectives. Distinctive elements, like the freshly rebuilt gardens next to the Eiffel Tower’s promenade, are mentioned in our guidebook to viewing the Eiffel Tower.

Mont-Saint Michel

Especially during high tide, whenever the peninsula seems to emerge from the water and fly upwards, Mont Saint-Michel gives off a wonderful image. Ever since eleventh century, travellers have admired the majestic beauty of this Gothic abbey.

Our guidebook to exploring Mont Saint-Michel highlights the magnificent mediaeval structure of the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel and offers advice for traversing the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel. UNESCO has recognised both the monastery and the lagoon as World Heritage Sites.

Versailles Garden

The lawns of the Château de Versailles were designed in the seventeenth century by famous landscape architect André Le Nôtre in his unique style of discipline and elegance. The gardens have been beautifully manicured, with row after row of garden beds, highly decorative fountains, sculptures, and monuments giving them a more art-like appearance than a natural setting.

Chateau de Chenonceau

Due to its unique construction and elegant feminine design, the Château de Chenonceau distinguishes itself among the many fantasy fortresses in the Loire Valley. A corridor of the fortress spans the River Cher and is supported by an arching footbridge, providing tranquil views of the structure mirrored in the waters.



During the 1950s, Saint-Tropez, a little fishing community, blossomed into a posh coastal destination. However, the town has kept its original Provençal charm, as evidenced by the pastel-colored buildings and courtyards that are shadowed by trees. There are numerous locations, like the yacht-filled harbour, La Ponche (the historic settlement), and great beaches, where you may take beautiful pictures.

Amiens Cathedral

The biggest Gothic church in France is the Cathédrale Notre-Dame in Amiens, which dates to the middle ages. The Cathedral of Amiens is notable for its magnificently decorated exterior, which includes thousands of carved religious figures in addition to its amazing dimensions. A close-up image of the temple’s front showing just a tiny proportion of the structure would make for an intriguing photograph.

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