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Famous Animal Parks In France

Visiting animals is the French’s most entertaining and fun activity, mainly because they have beautiful parks and zoos that keep the locals and travelers entertained throughout their vacation. In addition, the collection of wild animals in the place is a treat to the eyes and a fun activity for children to watch the varied action of wild animals.

If you’re in France and looking for the best animal parks, here is a must-visit list.

Zoo de la Fleche

Zoo de la Fleche

It is considered an emblematic animal park with its TV show. This pristine park is located in Sathe and was founded by the famous naturalist Jacques Bouillaut in 1964. The entire park covers an area of 18 hectares and has over 1,600 animals of 160 different species. The animals feel at home as they are protected and undergo some rehabilitation programs with sufficient nutrition. Since 2013, this park has also constructed stunning lodges for people to spend their nights.

Sainte-Croiz Animal Park

If you’re a fan of exquisite European wildlife, you should visit this park in Rhodes, Lorraine. It is one of the most significant vision parks in France. The wild animals here are native to their origin and are recreated as much as possible to be raised in their comfortable natural environment. The area comprises 120 hectares hosting over 130 species of 1,500 animals.

Safari de Peaugres

When you’re at Ardeche, take advantage of an authentic safari trip covering almost 80 hectares of land. There are over 1000 animals in the area, covering 127 different species. This park is considered one of the best in France and is also a part of the World Association of Zones and Aquariums (WAZA). Apart from the stunning watch of animals, it also has the following:

  • A walking park
  • South American Space hosting tapir, giraffes, anteaters, and others
  • An underground of the manor, specially built for rats and bats
  • Penguins and turtles in the aquatic area
  • A green space for the monkey
  • A greenhouse with various varieties of plants and its vivarium
  • A claws and fangs area which has different varieties o tigers and lions
  • Car park

Monkey Mountain

This is one of the unique concepts of the zoos in France, located in Alsace. This zoo is home to over 240 magots and Barbary Maxaqques, completely free in their natural habitat. Certain foods like popcorn are provided to you at the park entrance, and you can feed the monkeys too! They also have a center for studying these creations inside the park; anyone interested in the monkey study can check them out!

Monkey Mountain

Alligator Bay

Alligparks have introduced the view of alligators which is different from other zoological parks. It comprises the dragon labyrinth, where you can spot turtle farms, snakes, and lizards. It also has an alligator greenhouse which is believed to have the most stunning and extensive collection of alligators.

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