Mountain Ranges

The Main Mountain Ranges of France

France is not just famous for the Eiffel Tower but is also a scenic beauty with pristine mountain ranges from the Alps to the Pyrenees. In the past, the mountain ranges in France were famous only for offering winter sports activities. However, people have recently started enjoying summer and soaking in the serene environment’s beauty. Sometimes, livestock is also taken up these small mountain ranges in the high plateau area, which is considered one of the essential rituals of the French.

The Alps

Located in the east of the country, it is seen as a border between Italy and Switzerland. The Alps is the most extensive mountain range and the most popular one in France, which runs for 1,200 km and crosses the following eight countries Italy, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, and Austria.

The popular Mount Blac is also part of the Alps which lies 15,774 ft above the ground level and is the highest mountain peak in EUROPE.

The Pyrenees

These mountain ranges are south of the French stretch from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic coast, running 430 km, forming a border between Spain and France. The mountain ranges are located nearly 10,000 ft above the ground level and are considered the highest peak in Aneto.

The Pyrenees

Skiing is one of the most loved activities in the mountain, and they also offer stays in different resorts located along the ranges, with excellent spas and the best French cuisine for its visitors.

Massif Central

This volcanic mountain range covers nearly 15% of France and is located in the geological center of the country. It is also believed to be the oldest part of France and is the third most important mountain range after the Alps and the Pyrenees. These mountain ranges are relatively low, with its highest peak Puy de Sancy rising only 1,885 meters above sea level. The four main volcanic ranges are – Chaine des Puys, Monts du Cantal, Monts Dore, and the Volcanic valley. This mountain range also hosts 450 dormant and extinct volcanoes, a glorious mix of beautiful pristine circular summits and rocky mountain ranges.

The Jura

The Jura stretches from the Rhine to the Rhone river, located north of the Alps, covering 360km from Switzerland to France. The highest peak of these mountains is located around Geneva, called Cret de la Neige, located 1800 meters above sea level. The mountain range covers 1,600km and is also protected by the Jura National Park, hosting a plethora of animals and creating an artificial habitat for their existence. The region is also best known for its wine connections, and it is important to mention that it is not loved by many. However, wine from this area is a delight for someone accustomed to French wine.

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