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The 4 Most Beautiful Scenic Views in France

France is a ¬†land on most peoples’ travel bucket lists. However, it is home to a ton of beauty which is worth soaking in at least once in a lifetime. The sheer views of the European country, with Lush greenery, pristine alps, and incredible lakes, are unbeatable.

If you’re in France and looking for options to visit the most beautiful places, here is a list you should check out!

Aiguille du Midi

Aiguille du Midi

This is a unique place with snow-clad French alps, located near Mont Blac and Chamonix, with Mont Blac being the highest peak in the ranges. It offers a wide range of activities like mountaineering, skiing, and even site seeing. It is located 3,777 meters above sea level, which offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Alps. You can also experience the world’s highest-ascent cable car here. It takes a brave heart to glance beneath it.

Eiffel Tower

France and Eiffel Tower go hand in hand. When you visit France, you have to visit the Eiffel tower, considered one of France’s most iconic views. This symbolic representation of France can be enjoyed even from your nearest hotel rooms or allows you to cline 324 meters to have a view of the entire city. The tower’s illumination at night is a sight to sore eyes and is one of the primary reasons people visit it!


It is a part of the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur region, which encompasses a good area filled with the French Riviera and the Alps. The region’s popularity began in the 1400s and still holds its popularity and dignity for its distinctive culture and rich linguistic identity. It is mainly located in the rural region, and the Mediterranean climate of the land promotes the agriculture of olive oil, lavender, and exquisite grapes for wine., When you take a trip down Provence, you will encounter rich and colorful crops with full-flowered lavender flowers under the warmth of the sum. Medieval towns and other churches also form an excellent backdrop for these purple flowers in some areas.

Calanques National Park

Calanques National Park

Calanques are generally steep-walled inlets made of limestone, carbonite strata, or dolomite which are initially seen on the Mediterranean Coast. It forms a 20km stretch along the Cassis and Marseille in France. In 2012, a National Park was built around the region to protect and withhold the beauty of the blue Mediterranean waters and white limestone cliffs. You can also get up to a higher point in the area to get a better view of the place. There is also a cruise available which can pass through the narrow inlets, with the cliffs on either side of the boat and blue sky and water above and beneath you!

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