Famous Monuments

Famous Monuments in France

France hosts beautiful monuments which speak volumes of the history, architecture, and diversity of the olden days and educate people about their past. From the Roman ruins to the Renaissance chateaux, the stunning bridges, and gothic cathedrals, it boasts many beautiful monuments famous for their French architecture.

If you wish to read further and learn about these famous monuments, read ahead to find out!

The Eiffel tower

It  goes without saying that it is one of the most popular and most romantic monuments on the list. It is located in the city of Paris and is also one of the most recognizable monuments, which is also considered a symbolic structure. The tower was constructed in 1889, and it became the symbol of French ingenuity soon after.

Notre-Dame de Paris

If you want to enjoy a scenic view of the river Seine and the look of a monument, this is the best Place you can choose. The monument has a history of 800 years ago and is also considered one of the city’s proudest landmarks. It was constructed during the medieval period, boasting the best French architecture and hint of gothic charm. It was even used in a scene for Victor Hugo’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame. However, this iconic monument is undergoing reconstruction after it caught fire in April 2019. People believe that incident has only enhanced the resilience and prominent culture of the French.

Arles Amphitheatre

Arles Amphitheatre

Whenever people think of some of the famous monuments in France from the Parisian landmarks, they often think of bridges, cathedrals, castles, and other monuments. However, this amphitheater of France is from the Roman era, which holds as much history and prestige as any other cultural monument in the Place. It was built during 90AD and was the source of entertainment for people living there. It is found between Provence and Languedoc, located south of France.

Arc de Triomphe

According to historical experts and the reviews received from travelers and tourists, this is also considered one of the famous monuments in France, which provides a spectacular view of the entire Europe. It is located in the center of Place deI’Etoile or Place Charles de Gaulle, making it impossible for people to miss this beautiful piece of architecture. The Napoleons built it in honor of the French soldiers who fought in the Napoleonic wars in 1806. For the people of France, it is a symbol of bravery, resilience, and pride. Hence, whenever you’re in town, it is worth a visit.

Louvre Museum

It is one of the most famous art museums in work, built in 1793. It registers over 10 million travelers and visitors every year. It is divided into eight different departments, including Chinese art, Islamic art, the antiques of the Etruscan, Egyptian, Roman, and Greek different painting and sculptures, which is worth a visit.

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